Where can I order weed in Mons

Get Cannabis/weed in Mons. Hainaut’s provincial capital, Mons, is located in Belgium’s Walloon Region. The Grand Place, a sizable area of cobblestones filled with cafes, sits at its center. Along its length are structures in a variety of architectural styles, most notably the historic Town Hall. The nearby baroque belfry from the 17th century offers panoramic city views.

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Cannabis laws in Mons, Belgium

Despite the fact that cannabis is prohibited, the government has decided not to give it much attention. You will incur the following fines if you are found smoking marijuana in Mons:

Few severe penalties apply to anyone carrying less than 5 grams. The worst-case scenario calls for you to pay a fee between 90 and 150 euros. Just in case you forgot, any extra marijuana you have in your possession will be confiscated if it is found.

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You might get in a lot of problems with the law if you’re found with more than 5 grams. Being accused of selling marijuana for profit or of being a dealer may result in a harsher police response.

Getting weed in Mons

Finding weed in Mons can be difficult if you are new in town. The best place to start is in the city center, especially in the vicinity of the train station. Many shady persons meet in the nights and many of them sell marijuana.

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