Ways to order weed in Riga

Where to get weed in Riga. Riga is Latvia’s capital and the largest city in the Baltic. It has been an increasingly popular tourism resort among young Europeans in recent years. Riga is known for its picturesque medieval city center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Laws regulating cannabis in Latvia are highly stringent, with only very small amounts of marijuana being decriminalized for possession. Getting marijuana in Riga is not as easy as it may seem. Check out How to buy weed in Reykjavik

Cannabis laws in Latvia

Marijuana has been outlawed in Latvia since the Soviet era. If you’re caught with 1 gram or less of marijuana, you could risk a fine of up to 280 euros, but there’s a chance you’ll only get a warning. If you have more than one gram, you will face a much higher fine and possibly time in prison. Dealing and cultivating cannabis are both significant offenses that can result in harsh penalties, including prison time. Check out Where to buy weed in Amman

Marijuana should be used with caution in Latvia. To avoid severe penalties, never carry more than one gram on you at a time. It’s also advisable not to smoke in public locations because you’ll be fined 280 euros regardless of how little marijuana you have on you. You may find interest in How to get weed in New Delhi

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Getting weed in Riga

If you don’t know anyone in Riga, getting decent cannabis can be difficult. You can also ask younger folks for help, as they are more likely to know where you can get good or at least decent weed. If you don’t know anyone and don’t know who to ask, the Old Town is a good place to start. There are a lot of tourists there, and there are also a lot of dealers. Their cannabis is usually of poor quality, and they frequently give you less than you bargained for. A gram of marijuana will set you back 10 LVL. You may find interest in Where to buy weed in Budapest

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